Week in Handshake 4/23/2020

Progress Everywhere

Week in Handshake was created to give those interested in Handshake a snapshot of everything happening with this exciting project. It can be hard to keep up with the developments in such a fast moving ecosystem. I hope you’ll find this newsletter useful and informative.


  • Peter Haymond of Cosmos wrote a great piece on Handshake & Namebase

  • The Handy Miner team released a sneak peak of the Handy Browser (could be argued this is a dev update but everyone should check it out)

  • Brave New Coin started tracking $HNS

  • Namebase is on fire adding tons of UX improvements this week

  • FistBump is now on twitter so give them a follow for updates

  • No link but there are murmurs on telegram that a certain privacy focused browser is open to adding Handshake support if someone makes a pr for it 👀

  • In my ongoing, “Not so secret Handshake” series I covered the Kyokan/Bob Wallet team

For Developers

Upcoming Events

  • Remote Crypto Con is June 24th-26th and will feature the one and only Tieshun Roquerre of Namebase as a speaker

If you want your efforts to be featured next week my DM’s are open

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