Week In Handshake 7/2/2020

I'm back baby

Week in Handshake was created to give those interested in Handshake a snapshot of everything happening with this exciting project. It can be hard to keep up with the developments in such a fast moving ecosystem. I hope you’ll find this newsletter useful and informative.



Some recent stats according to DNS.Live:

  • 4632 Airdrop Claims (an increase of just five over the last two weeks)

  • 151365 Open Name Auctions (an increase of 24,666)

  • 17923 Outstanding Bids (an increase of 5,425)

  • Current Price $0.08/HNS @ Block Height 22,117

For Developers

  • If you’re a OSS dev of any background you can still claim your $HNS airdrop

Upcoming Events

  • Possible Handshake Hackathon? Comment here if you want to see it happen

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